Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

During my trip to Samoa I took a few pictures. Todd Schavey (the webmaster of this site) created a 'quick-n-dirty' collage of these photos. The picture quality of the movie is decent but low as he wanted to keep the filesize (3.0MB) so that a majority of people can quickly download it. High quality version are on there way soon.

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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Almost Official

I've escaped from the village to Apia for a few hours. Peace Corps drove us in so that we could buy farewell gifts for our familes. I can't believe training is nearly over. We leave the village Saturday morning!!!!!!! I'm pretty excited. I'll be sworn in as an official volunteer on the 17th.

We had our language exam this morning. It was a 20 minute conversation with a host country national who is not one of our trainees. It was pretty intense but it's over and i think i did really well. I'll find out my score on Monday. I know I passed though....and now...no more language classes. Tomorrow is our "fiafia night" in the village. It's essentially a talent show we're putting on for the village. We've learned traditional Ssamoan song and dances and a few of us are doing some American/English acts as well. I'm singing "Go Tell it on the Mountain" as a solo. I figure this very Christian culture will appreciate a Christmas hymn.

Village life has been an amazing experience. The last four days there wasn't water at my house so I've been taking bucket showers outside. It's pretty fun actually. I wrap myself in a "lava lava" (piece of fabric) and use a bowl to get wet. My family has had it's ups and downs but overall they've been great to me. I plan on visiting them for holidays after training. I'll be going there for Christmas and I know that'll make them really happy. I wish I could write each one of you a personal e-mail but alas I still have to go to this internet cafe and pay money. However, after I'm a real PCV I can use the computers in the office for free.....if you write me you will definitely get a personal message back.